French Cuisine Moderne​     

 Depuis  2010

Bruno Chemel, Chef Proprietor

"Each contemporary dish is refined, balanced, and demonstrates an enormous attention to details..."
​                                                                                                                 quoted by Le Guide Michelin SF 2019

Baumé french cuisine moderne is served up by two-person staff serving few tables each service. The dining room is designed with a purpose of simplicity & privacy to our guests. We want you to enjoy a peaceful experience and memorable voyage.

The seasonal imaginative menu is crafted from collective memories, colors. moods, respect culinary design and happiness.

We do serve multicourse tasting menu for lunch and dinner (allow 120 - 180 minutes)
The price of the menu change accordingly to the price of the premium ingredients.
Note: "No miniature portion."

Wine Pairing option only for additional price:
Quatre pairing: (4 Varieties of premium wine pairing
Cinq pairing: (5 varieties of premium wine)
No outside wine permitted.

Please notify us of any food allergies or restrictions within 72 hours of your reservation. Allergies and food restrictions cannot be accommodated at the time of your reservation.

Due to the zen ambience and respect to other guests, we do not allow young children. Many guests are celebrating a special occasion and business dinner and looking forward to a quiet and relaxing uninterrupted evening.

Young people 12 years and older are welcome to join us for dinner provided that they will enjoy the Chef's tasting menu experience and the good company of the adults in their party. Sorry no babies or small kids allowed.