Our plates tell the story of traditional French dishes in a new, evocative, distinct way. Beyond the mastery of classic techniques and the profound knowledge of long-acclaimed French cuisine, we choose to think about collective memories, colors, moods, accents, culinary design and happiness.

We do serve Seasonal Tasting Menu Only. The price of the menu change accordingly to the price of the premium ingredients.

​We also do create a vegetarian tasting menu (no Vegan) and accommodate most of food allergies and restrictions, please let us know ahead of time.

Lunch:    6 Course Tasting Menu (allow 60 - 90 minutes)

​Dinner:   8 course tasting menu  (allow 120 - 180 minutes) 

No outside wine permitted.

Wine Pairing option only:

​Quattre pairing (4 varieties of premium wine)

Cinq pairing: (5 varieties of premium wine)

​Young people 8 years and older are welcome to join us for dinner provided that they will enjoy the Chef's tasting menu experience and the good company of the adults in their party. Sorry no babies or small kids allowed.

French Cuisine Moderne

Bruno Chemel, Chef Proprietor